Vivo Y33s Camera – A Big Friend For All Smartphone Fans


VIVo y33s is one of the latest smartphones from Nokia. In fact, this is one of the first smartphones that are compatible with Windows Mobile. However, the company has not forgotten its other devices such as the E73 series and series. There are several interesting features vivo y33s of this handset aside from the fact that it can work with Windows Mobile and some previous Nokia handsets. The review will highlight these interesting features of the smartphone.

The phone has been equipped with capacitive buttons and has a total of 16 MP cameras. It is powered by an Exynon processor and comes with a SIM tray that has no cover. The phone comes with a neat design as it has a metallic body. However, the overall looks do not have a high aesthetic value because of the simple colors and the lack of any remarkable design elements. The phone also has an average battery life and has a low storage space for the internal memory.

As compared to other smartphones in the market, the VIVo y33s has a lot of unique features. One of the main differences is its price, which is considerably cheaper than its competitors. The other difference is its lack of eye protection which many users do not like. Despite having this flaw, the phone still remains to be popular among the Nokia fans especially in India. The dual SIM feature of this smartphone allows you to use both the prepaid and regular SIM cards. The connectivity options that are present in this smartphone also makes it popular among users.

When talking about the performance of this handset, the VIVo y33s has a lot to offer. It has an impressive battery life, which lasts till the afternoon. The solid construction of the handset also ensures that you can place it anywhere at any time. This is possible thanks to the android 11’s fast charging system which enables it to charge faster when connected to the mains.

When it comes to the video recording, the VIVo y33s does not allow the users to record videos in higher resolution as compared to the iPhone. However, the internal storage is much larger than the iPhone which makes it obvious that the latter is not as large as the former. The OE chip of the device has been found to have a problem with some applications but this problem has been fixed in the latest updates of the operating system. The connectivity and audio quality of the device are both good. The battery of the handset is also durable and has a long life span.

In fact, the battery life of the five y33s surpasses that of the iPhone by more than forty hours. The camera module of the gadget is also quite impressive. With a high pixel density, the image captured by the camera is very clear and you can even make out the motion of the objects that are placed close to the camera lens. The OE memory of the handset facilitates speedy data transfers even when you are on the move.

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